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Riverhead Chapter LeTip Professional - Member Profile
Health and Nutrition
Joyce Rogalin
Wellness Consultant
Juice Plus

Phone: 203-241-4956
Contact Joyce  Rogalin Website: joycerogalin.juiceplus.com Facebook: joyce rogalin LinkedIn: joyce rogalin
Health and Nutrition:
Joyce  Rogalin
Juice Plus
Chapter Position: Program Director
Member Since 2017

 Joyce Rogalin is a heatlh & wellness advocate and has a simple solution in getting more nutrition in you and your family's daily diet.  The foundation of good health is through clean fruits and vegetables.  Juice Plus is vine ripen, concentrated,powdered produce put in a capsule or chewy.  Convenient, pesticide free, and an affordable solution for everyone. Inquire how kids can get it for free.  All our products: capsules, chews, Complete shakes, and bars are vegan, non-gmo, non-dairy, and NSF certified.  No dietary restrictions.  The most thoroughly researched nutritional product in the world.  An Aeroponic Tower Garden is the lastest vertical growing system to grow 20 vegetables with no soil and pesticide free. Joyce Rogalin is  a Juice Plus rep and will answer all your questions and service your orders.  Website is: joycerogalin.juiceplus.com   joycerogailn.towergarden.com

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