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Sunrise Chapter LeTip Professional - Member Profile
Credit Card Processing
Tod Cagan
Credit Card Processing
Zika Corp

Phone: 516-224-7590
Fax: 516-481-1483
Cell: 516-770-6130
Contact Tod Cagan Website: www.zikacorp.com Facebook: zika corp
Credit Card Processing:
Tod Cagan
Zika Corp
Chapter Position: Happy Hour
Member Since 2009

Your number one source for credit card processing.  Zika Corp has been serving our partner merchants and continues to grow our relationships.  Our connections are the clear foundation of our business model.

We are a trusted watchdog for your company that guards against unnecessary fees and charges.

Call or visit us online today and let us examine your statement.  We can confirm whether or not your are receiving a fair rate from your current processor.

Often times we can help to lower the rates and have the fees adjusted with your current processor.  We do this at absolutely no cost to you.  Many times, we pair our partner merchants with processors that are more suitable to their unique requirements.

Never trust a bank - especially when they take their fees and rates directly from YOUR bank account at will.

Never believe that you must use the credit card processor that your bank tells you to.  Keep in mind that the banks are NOT the credit card processors and that they DO receive a commission from their affiliate credit card processor.

Zika Corp has established relationships with the LEADERS in the credit card industry.   We provide the knowledge to our partners that they need to save money and it is absolutely free.

Call or visit us today! www.zikacorp.com (516) 770-6130


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